Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Homebrewing Year In Review - Tom

Continuing with my annual tradition of reflecting on the past year in homebrewing, I have put together the following "brewing year in review" post.  I believe Jeff plans to do the same, so our audience can get a feel for the 2011 Lug Wrench brewing year.

  • Number of Batches Made - 21
  • Number of Gallons Made - 132
  • First Brew Day - 1/8/2011
  • Last Brew Day - 11/20/2011
  • Number of Beer Batches - 17
  • Number of Wine Batches - 1
  • Number of Cider Batches - 1
  • Number of Mead Batches - 2
  • Homebrew Competitions Medals Earned - Silver, 2011 Dominion Cup, Flemish Fisherman
  • Batch with Highest Alcohol - ~20% - Peach Melomel (includes estimate from 20 lbs of peaches)
  • Batch with Lowest Alcohol - 3.8% - Mini-Midnight Wheats
  • Average Alcohol Across Batches (accounting for batch size) - 6.6%
  • Number of "Cloned" Commercial Beer Batches - 2
  • Favorite Brew - Thunder IPA (wonderful IPA with layered "juicy" hops that was perfect in the heat of the summer)
  • Honorable Mention Brew - Big Apple Cider (best cider I have ever made, without a doubt, and my wife's favorite creation from the past year)
  • Worst Brew - Smokin' Wet (beer seemed out of balance, with a sweet aftertaste that does not blend well with the smoke - I still have half a keg 6 months after it was brewed)
  • Favorite Name - 5.8 and Feeling Great Saison (I brewed this beer shortly before the 5.8 earthquake that hit Virginia in August.  The saison fermented right through the earthquake and aftershocks, so it made for a truly unique brew and beer name.)
  • Approximate Amount of Grain used in 2011 - 276 pounds (average of 16.23 lbs/brew)
  • Approximate Amount of Hops used in 2011 - 67.5 ounces (average of 3.97 oz/brew)
  • Most Rewarding Aspect of Brewing - Continuing to maintain this blog with my brother for another year.  We have not seen each other much this year, so the blog is a great excuse to keep in touch. 

Happy New Year!


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