Monday, January 30, 2012

New Lug Wrench Website Look and Feel

We would like to introduce the new appearance of the Lug Wrench site.  It has been over two years since Jeff and I first started this side project.  We felt that it was time to overhaul the look and feel of the site to make it a bit more modern and just try something different.

The new look features the following:
  • A great Lug Wrench logo that was designed for us by Jeff's friend Rob (Thank you!)
  • Wider main column to allow for easier positioning of images within the blog posts themselves
  • Wider side column to prevent the blog polls from requiring scroll bars
  • Inclusion of social icons for Twitter and our RSS feeds at the top
  • Making the search box more prominently available at the top right
  • Changing the color scheme to relate more to beer (golden) rather than green (St. Patty's Day?)
The new look also features tabs at the top left of the screen.  At this time, there is only one tab for "Home," but we plan to add some additional content going forward. The tabs will link to static pages that include more information about each of us, the collaborative beers we have brewed, and our more prominent blog post series (brewing charts, nanobrewery interview, etc.).

We call this change our new BETA look and feel.  While we like it, in general, and felt it was good enough to release, there will be some adjustments moving forward.  Jeff is currently fine-tuning colors and textures and I am working on adjusting some of the content placement, eliminating duplicate Blogger widgets and playing with item page placement.  

So, stay tuned to Lug Wrench because there is more to come, both in website appearance and great new content.



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