Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Of The Best Pub Names .... Part II

The tradition of the Angelo-Irish pubs always carry the best names for the establishments.  Several of these great names were derived from the nicknames the pubs got form their illiterate patrons who could not read the sign, but recognized its image.  Many of these pubs are oozing with local lore and history.  Of course modern businessmen has tried to take advantage of this with gimmicky branding efforts for new establishments (i.e. Slug and Cabbage, etc.).

Back in the begining of Lug Wrench, I started a list of of the best pub names that I found amusing and tickled my funnybone (The Hairy Lemon Pub, the Bloody Bucket Inn, etc).  With a little bit of research, I was able to uncover a few more gems and expand the list.  Below are a few of the standouts that I figured were worth sharing.  Enjoy.

Norwich, England

A haunted pub, where the mumified hand of a cardplayer caught cheating can still be found.
Salisbury, England

Victoria, London, England

Aberdeen, England

Mayfair, London, England

Toronto, Canada

Portsmouth, England

Moorgate, London, England

Norwich, England

There are plenty more out there, both abroad as well as in the US. Drop us a comment if you’ve got any good ones to share.



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