Collaborative Beers

It is a special treat for Jeff and I to get together in the same place, as we live almost 600 miles apart.  So when we do gather, we use it as an excuse to brew a beer together.  The Lug Wrench Collaborative Beers are designed to age and improve over time, as we desire to build a library of interesting beers to taste together.  This means they are usually darker in color, higher in alcohol, and bottle conditioned.  Below is a list of the Lug Wrench Collaborative Beers and their accolades.

Devoted Brother - Belgian Pale Ale - Brewed on 5/11/2009
  • First Lug Wrench Collaborative Beer
  • Based on Lost Abbey's Devotion
  • Only Collaborative Beer that is completely gone
Dragon's Breath - Dark Strong Ale - Brewed on 7/18/2009
  • Based on New Holland's Dragon's Milk, a personal favorite
  • First attempt to age a beer on bourbon and oak
  • Awarded a bronze medal at the 2010 Boston Homebrew Competition
Brother Barleywine - English Barleywine - Brewed on 11/29/2009
  • Recipe based on Jamil Zainasheff's Brewing Classic Styles
  • Strongest beer we had brewed at that time, coming in at 10.2% ABV
Flemish Fisherman - Spiced Belgian Quad - Brewed on 7/11/2010
  • Recipe based on De Struise's Pannepot
  • First Collaborative Beer that dramatically broke away from classic styles
  • Awarded a silver medal at the 2011 Dominion Cup
Midnight Wheat - Wheat Wine Braggot - Brewed on 11/23/2010
  • Based on recipe from Shawn Paxton, The Homebrew Chef
  • One of our favorite recipes to date
  • Awarded a bronze medal at the 2011 Boston Homebrew Competition
  • Received a score of 41.5 at the first round of the 2011 National Homebrewing Competition
Mason Dixon Line Mead - Dry Table Mead - Brewed on 11/28/2010
  • Made with Rhode Island wildflower honey from the hives maintained by one of Jeff's friends
  • Our first Collaborative Mead
  • Featured in a homemade cheese and homemade beverage tasting
Frosty Fool - Eisbock - Brewed on 4/1/2012
  • Our first beer where the readers decided what style we will brew
  • Recipe based off Jamil Zainasheff's Brewing Classic Styles
  • Our first Collaborative Lager
Cait the Great - Russian Imperial Stout - Brewed 11/3/2013
  • Our first collaborative stout, with the recipe inspired by Portsmouth Brewery's RIS
  • Used the mash for a second beer via a partigyle approach
  • The highest OG beer we have attempted to date

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