Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Homebrewing Year In Review - Tom

I have documented "brewing year in review" posts for the past couple of years on another blog and I always found them to be a nice way to reflect on the year.  As such, I figured I could continue the trend with some random 2010 brewing stats and facts at Lug Wrench Brewing Company.  I believe Jeff plans on following suit, so our audience can get a feel for what we have been up to for the past year.

  • Number of Batches Made - 23
  • Number of Gallons Made - 155
  • First Brew Day - 1/3/2010
  • Last Brew Day - 12/18/2010
  • Number of Beer Batches - 19
  • Number of Wine Batches - 2
  • Number of Cider Batches - 1
  • Number of Mead Batches - 1
  • Homebrew Competitions Medals Earned - None
  • Batch with Highest Alcohol - 14.1% - Pinot Noir kit
  • Batch with Lowest Alcohol - 4.3% - BAM! - Jolly Pumpkin Bam Bier clone
  • Average Alcohol Across Batches - 6.1%
  • Number of "Cloned" Commercial Beer Batches - 5
  • Favorite Brew - OMG IPA (wonderful IPA with layered "juicy" hops that had just a hint of the cedar wood it was aged on)
  • Worst Brew - In The Not So Pale Belgian Pale Ale (unremarkable beer that did not have any memorable qualities and part of the keg was dumped to make room for another beer.)
  • Favorite Name - Tornado Warning IPA (I was brewing the IPA when my wife called to say there was a tornado warning in town.  The name paired well with the hoppy nature of the beer.)
  • Approximate Amount of Grain used in 2010 - 334 pounds (average of 17.6 lbs/brew)
  • Approximate Amount of Hops used in 2010 - 85.15 ounces (average of 4.48 oz/brew)
  • Biggest Equipment Upgrade - Tool-box mounted wort pump
  • Most Rewarding Aspect of Brewing - Maintaining this blog with my brother for almost a year.  It is great way to share a hobby with each other, even from a distance of more than 500 miles. 

Happy New Year!


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