Friday, September 30, 2011

200th Post: Still Going Strong....

I would not have guessed we would have made it this far when Tom and I started this little 'project', but here is our bicentenial post.  I'm a bit of a data hound, so as I've done for our prior milestone posts, here's a roll up of all the content that have passed through these pages.

As of today...

Number of Posts: 200
Number of Days Old: 635
Number of Comments: 110
Number of Subscribers (via Feedburner): 97

Top 10 Pages Visited (via Google Analytics):
  1. Single Hop Beer Experiment (1,108 page views)
Number of Tags: 233
Top Ten Tags:
  1. Nanobrewery (19 tags)
  2. Humor (18 tags)
  3. Competitions (17 tags)
  4. Homebrew Recipe (17 tags)
  5. Poll Results (17 tags)
  6. Breweries (17 tags)
  7. Homebrewing Clubs (16 tags)
  8. Interview (16 tags)
  9. Collaborative Beers (15 tags)
  10. Nanobrewery Interviews (15 tags)
Number of Lug Wrench Collaborative Beers: 6
Number of Gallons of Collaborative Beers Brewed: 36 gallons
Number of Gallons Remaining: ?
Look for our 201st post to be coming out next week and we are hoping to keep up the same posting cadence moving forward.  As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about anything on the site, please let us know - we always love hearing from readers.



"If God had intended us to drink beer, He would have given stomachs."
-David Daye

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