Monday, April 5, 2010

Wort Pump in a Toolbox #3 - Build Steps

After the previous post in our series on building a toolbox-mounted wort pump, the next post features the steps used to actually install the pump in the toolbox.  The steps outlined below are, in a large part, based on an articled entitled "Pumped-Up Toolbox" that appeared in the October 2009 issue of Brew Your Own Magazine.  The primary difference between that build and mine was that I included a functioning electrical outlet in the toolbox.  This allows the pump toolbox to function both as an extension cord, which can be used to power miscellaneous brewing equipment like a grain mill, and a protected wort pump.  The build also featured brass quick disconnects to allow the easy changing out of hoses during brew day.

The steps used to mount the pump in the tool box and complete the electrical circuit are presented below as a series of pictures with brief commentary.  Hopefully, this presentation will make the explanation of the steps clearer.  Please let us know if there are any questions with the presented information.

All of the parts are laid out on a work surface.  This allows us to make sure no parts are missing and to dry fit the parts to ensure the installation will go well.

Dry fit the pump against one wall of the toolbox.  Make sure that where the pump shaft goes through the toolbox wall allows enough room for the wort intake and return, which are mounted vertically.  In my build, I had to prop the pump up on some scrap lumber to raise it high enough.  Once this is done, mark the wholes and drill them out.

Dry fit the electrical boxes against opposing sides of the tool box.  Mark the appropriate holes and cut them out.  Then install the boxes in the resulting holes using the bolts, locking washers, and nuts.

Front view of an installed electrical box, which displays how the mounting brackets are used to hold the box in place.

Place any raising scrap lumber in the box and then slide the pump through the precut hole for the pump shaft.  Attach the pump to the lumber with zip ties or a long worm clamp.  Make sure that the wire coming out of the pump has enough room to avoid getting snagged on any tool box shelves.

Lock the pump in place by screwing in the pump shaft collar through the pre-cut holes and into the pump body.  These screws will tighten the collar against the pump body, through the side of the tool box, and make the whole assembly one unit.

Dry wire the electrical circuit in the following manner:  1) Extension cord comes into back of tool box and goes into the box that will house the plug.  2) Plug box wire goes into the switch box.  3)  Power cord from pump comes into the switch box.  Lock the cords down with electrical staples, zip ties, or any means possible, as this prevents things from coming loose later.

Complete the wiring at each box.  It goes without saying that you should not do this if you are not comfortable with working with electrical circuits.  ELECTRICITY CAN KILL YOU!  You have been warned.  Once the wiring is complete, make sure to test the plug with an appropriate device.  Then install plug and switch covers to prevent accidental electrical shocking.  Also, do NOT turn the pump on with the pump head on, as running the pump dry will burn it out.

Install the two coat hooks on the back of the tool box so the extension cord can be coiled for storage.

The finished wort pump in a tool box build!

View of the pump head.

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