Monday, September 19, 2011

Beer Brands Who Have Tumbled...

Sometime last week, I read this article entitled "8 beers Americans no longer drink" that Sean Paxton reposted on his Facebook page.  The article's research focuses on 8 "big" brands that have lost an amazing 30% or more in sales in the last 5 years.  I would assume no one who reads this blog would shed a real tear for any of the brands listed below, but I did find many of the brands a bit nostalgic from college days.

The analysis points out that most of the losses in sales were from the current trend in light and ultra-light beers that have swept the mass market beers.  Apparently, to maintain or gain sales, the industrial brewers need to drop of 30 - 40 calories from their offerings in order to keep their bottom line healthy.  Sad if you ask me.

The article give a bit more commentary on each of the brands listed, but briefly here are the brands who have been tanking...

"Beers Americans No Longer Love"

8. Budweiser (-30% sales)
7. Milwaukee's Best Light (-34% sales)
6. Miller Genuine Draft (-51% sales)
5. Old Milwaukee (-52% sales)
4. Milwaukee's Best (-53% sales)
3. Bud Select (-60% sales)
2. Michelob Ligth (-64% sales)
1. Michelob (-72% sales)

Tough couple years for Milwaukee or anyone who had anything to do with Michelob.  Even the "Light" tag couldn't help Milwaukee's Best from sinking and Michelob is probably still looking up at the lights wondering what hit it.

Right or wrong, the numbers are what the numbers are.  Let us know if any of the listed brands resonate with you - we'd love to hear about it.



 "I do not drink more than a sponge"
-Rabelais, 17th Century French Satirist

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  1. I actually like MGD with pizza. It's a refreshing beer/un-beer and washes food down well, but it is not for stand alone drinking. You actually have to mask the tase/no-taste with strong foods like pizza.... and that's about it from that list.


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