Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wort Pump in a Toolbox #2 - Parts List

Following up on the initial post for our series on building a toolbox mounted wort pump, the next post focused on the required parts list for the project.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind when reviewing the parts list:
  • It does not include the tools needed to complete the build.  It is likely that the reader owns many of these tools already (drill, drill bits, screw drivers, wrenches, wire cutters, wire trimmers, etc.).  
  • The parts list also does not include miscellaneous extra build items, such as some scrap lumber, wire staples, and wire nuts.  The specific tool box and layout used in the build will determine the need for these items.
  • The prices listed are those I found at the time of the build.  They will vary by location and will likely change over time
The most important thing to do when starting any project, such as this toolbox-mounted wort pump, is to plan it out before starting.  Sketch out what the build will look like and use those conceptual diagrams to help build the parts list.  Hopefully, the information presented in this series, and the BYO article it was based on, will flush out your plans and make your build go smoother.

The other important thing to consider is to customize the wort pump build to your brewing system.  This build included the features that I desired for the wort pump - extra electrical outlet, portability, ease of hose changes, etc.  This build could easily be changed to make it smaller, part of a permanent installation, or include extra features.  Spending a little time thinking of how the pump will be used in your brewery, and what features would be useful, can go a long way towards ensuring the pump will see use for years to come.

Parts List

DescriptionMerchantPart #QuantityPrice/UnitTotal
March 809HS-PL PumpAustin Homebrew
1/2" NPT Female-Male Yellow Brass Ball ValveMcMaster4629K43
1/2" Female Yellow Brass 90 degree ElbowsMcMaster5078K38
1/2" NPT Male -> Male Yellow Brass Quick DisconnectMcMaster6739K59
1/2" Hose Barb -> Female Yellow Brass Quick DisconnectMcMaster6739K64
Silicone Tubing (by foot)Austin HomebrewH985
4' 1/2 Copper Tube - used to make "J" returnLowes
Solderable 1/2" Pipe -> 1/2" NPT Female Brass FittingLowes
1/2" Hose Worm ClampsLowes
1" Hose Worm Clamps - used to hold copper ends togetherLowes
Tool BoxLowes
Metal Electrical Box (single gang)Lowes
Heavy-Duty Extension Chord - 6 or 8 feetLowes
Standard PlugLowes
Low Profile Electrical SwitchLowes
Plastic Electrical CoversLowes
Bags of Bolts and Locking Nuts/Washers for Metal BoxesLowes
Plastic Coat Hooks - used to hold wound extension chordLowes
4" Metal Worm ClampLowes

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    1. Hey, I posted this over on your thread on homebrew-talk, but for anyone seeing your post:

      Since you have those outlet receptacles anyways, you should really consider putting in a GFCI outlet, and wiring it up to protect your pump! Water + electricity == GFCI needed somewhere. And if it's part of the box, you don't need to worry about it.

    2. Anon,

      I plug the extension cord into a GFCI outlet when I use it out on the deck, so it is covered. However, that is a very good piece of advice. If some one was going to make this and was not going to plug it into a GFCI outlet, then they should definitely install one in the toolbox.



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