Monday, April 12, 2010

Fermentation Attenuation Ranges By Yeast Strain (White Labs)

In a manner akin to the Visual Beer Style Charts that were featured in prior posts, I turned my attention to comparing some of the most common brewing yeasts available to homebrewers.  Focusing specifically on the White Labs Brewing Yeasts (sorry Wyeast users), I wanted to see how the different strains compared against one another.  Which yeasts were notorious for attenuating a ferment on the low end of the spectrum?  Which yeasts have the best shot at fermenting a high alcohol beer?

The first comparative yeast chart - Attenuation Ranges by Yeast Strain - is preseted below.  Click on the thumbnail to get a higher resolution image of the chart.  The other yeast charts in the series will be added in susequent posts.

In addition to the above, check out the other yeast strain charts (all the links will be updated when the charts are posted):
If you'd like higher resolution PDF's of this or any of the chats, just shoot me an email.  I'm more than happy to share them.



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