Monday, January 3, 2011

Lug Wrench Brewing's One Year Anniversary

With 2010 now just a scene in the rear view mirror, it is a bit surprising to mention that Lug Wrench Brewing has officially been online for a full year now.  While Tom and I had discussed the concept of doing a blog for much longer than a year, it was 1/3/10 when our first post hit the cyber landscape.  Now, here we are on the anniversary and this pet project strangely does not feel like a one-year-old.  Time flies.

Looking back at our short history, I wanted to roll up the numbers we have achieved and look at what some of the most popular topics have been.  As of today, a year after the first words were published ...

Number of Posts: 123
Number of Days Old: 365
Number of Comments: 63
Number of Subscribers (via Feedburner): 82

Top 10 Pages Visited (via Google Analytics):
  1. Nanobreweries - How Small is Small? (2,119 pageviews)
  2. SRM Color Range by Beer Style Chart (1,306 pageviews)
  3. Wort Pump in a Toolbox #3 - Build Steps (1,211 pageviews)
  4. Brew-in-a-Bag-Brewing: Something Worth Trying (1,106 pageviews)
  5. IBU Bitterness Ranges by Beer Style Chart (993 pageviews)
  6. Fermentation Attenuation Ranges by Yeast Strain (909 pageviews)
  7. Original and Final Gravity Ranges by Beer Style Chart (835 pageviews)
  8. Wort Pump in a Toolbox #2 - Parts List (677 pageviews)
  9. Wort Pump in a Toolbox #1 - Concept (642 pageviews)
  10. Single Hop Beer Experiment (601 pageviews)
Number of Tags: 167
Top Ten Tags Used:
  1. Breweries (15 tags)
  2. Nanobrewery (15 tags)
  3. Homebrew Recipes (14 tags)
  4. Interviews (14 tags)
  5. Nanobrewery Interviews (13 tags)
  6. Charts (12 tags)
  7. Collaborative Beers (12 tags)
  8. Humor (12 tags)
  9. The Session (11 tags)
  10. Poll Results (9 tags)
Number of Lug Wrench Collaborative Beers: 6
Number of Gallons of Collaborative Beer Brewed: 36 gallons
Number of Gallons Remaining: ?
Number of Blog Polls:
Number of Poll Participants: 190
Now, with our foot into 2011, we hope to keep the momentum and posting cadence we've been able to maintain so far.  As always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about anything on the site, please let us know - we always love hearing from readers.



"There is more to life than beer alone, but beer makes those other things even better."
-Stephen Morris

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