Monday, January 24, 2011

Alcohol Tolerance Ranges by Yeast Strain (Wyeast Labs)

Below is the fourth and final Yeast Strain Chart in the Wyeast Labs series, which visually compares the alcohol tolerance ranges of each yeast strain in the Wyeast Labs homebrewer product line.  As mentioned in the first Yeast Strain Chart posting, this project intends to visually compare the critical parameters of each yeast strain to one another.

Click on the thumbnail below to get a higher resolution image of the chart.

In addition to the above, check out the other Wyeast Lab yeast strain charts previously posted:
If you'd like a higher resolution PDF of this or any of the charts, just shoot me an email.  I'm more than happy to share them.



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  1. Great work! Did you create these charts from the info on their website?

  2. Dustin,

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I did take the stats off the Wyeast Lab's website. I'm glad you asked this question, as it made me go back and double check the numbers I had and as a result, I found a few errors in the chart (when I cut-and-pasted, a few numbers got put in the wrong place). Either way, the errors have been corrected, I've updated the chart, and everything should be pat.

    Thanks once again.



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