Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ab Initio: From the beginning ...

Why the hell does the world need another blog? Every soul feels entitled to post their thoughts somewhere on the web with the impression that every other soul should read about it. So why another one to add to the pile? What’s the point, other than to take up more space on the infinitely sized web? Why even bother?

Well, to me, this blog is more than just another collection of words put out there to be read by any ‘surfer who happens points their browser in this direction. These ramblings and those that will (hopefully) follow are the inspiration of a simple concept: a fraternal bond over beer. Using beer and brewing as a forum, its intended to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas to those that find their interests in the same proximity as ours. If what’s printed here ends up being entertaining, or even more importantly helpful, well then maybe there is room for just one more blog out there in the blog-o-sphere.

So what is Lug Wrench Brewing Co.? It’s a virtual brewery – a brewery with operations in both New England and Virginia. The ‘company’s’ genesis and meaning will probably be discussed in future posts, but the core beliefs are in hand-crafted brewing, beer exploration, and most importantly, camaraderie. Lug Wrench is a brewery that doesn’t have to worry about profit margins, distribution arrangements, or market share. It gets to focus on the important things: beer and the culture that surrounds it. Lug Wrench Brewing Co. could just be the best brewery you have yet to hear of.

These pages will document and share the experiences of Lug Wrench from both its Old Dominion State and Ocean State facilities. The ongoing conversation presented on theses pages is meant to stimulate dialogue, spark inspiration, and be just one more reason why we should be talking about beer. Comments and feedback on all topics (direct or tangential) are always welcome – these pages should be a two-way discussion between both the bloggers and the readers.

In spite of all the aforementioned, if nothing else, Lug Wrench is a medium to promote collaboration between two brothers who have found just one more hobby that connects them. While the physical distance between our homes never seems to diminish, the bond we share could give two shits about geography.



"The beginning is the most important part of the work."

"They who drink beer will think beer."
-Washington Irving

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