Monday, December 20, 2010

Pintley - Personal Beer Recommendation Community

I just discovered Pintley and I am very intrigued.  Pintley is an online community of craft beer lovers that exists to provide users with custom tailored beer recommendations.  Pintley takes user-entered beer ratings and uses an algorithm to compare information (style, alcohol by volume (ABV), international bitterness units (IBU), etc.) on the beers the user liked to come up with recommended beers the user might light to try.  Each beer is rated on a one to five pint glass scale, which ranges from "strongly dislike" to "loved it."  There is also a thumbs down rating, which means never recommend this beer again.  The more beers a user rates, the more specific Pintley's recommendation list becomes.

Pintley also provides access to an online community and forum.  A user can enter tasting notes on a specific beer, as well as rating the beers appearance, aroma, taste, texture, drinkability, and value.  These tasting notes and ratings are available to other members of the community, based on a given user's privacy settings.  Users can also "friend" other users and follow their ratings, recommendations, favorites, and wish lists.  Pintley allows easy posting on Facebook and Twitter and provides easy access to its functionality through its iPhone app.

I am interested in Pintley because it focuses on my beer interests.  By recommending beer that I might like to try, it offers me a service that other beer rating sites do not.  I am far more interested in a site that helps me figure out what six-pack to buy at a bottle shop than how many points a specific beer has earned from an online community.  That being said, I have not had an opportunity to use Pintley's recommendations yet, but I am excited to see how they turn out.

For more information, visit Pintley's site or listen to an interview with the site's founders on The Brewing Network.  If you do decide to join, you can follow my account with the user name: LugWrench.



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