Monday, February 27, 2012

Lug Wrench and the 2012 Boston Homebrewing Competition

For those homebrewers in the New England area, the 2012 Boston Homebrewing Competition took place this past weekend and appeared, at least from the outside, to be a much more organized competition than prior years. I’ve been a fan of the competition for several years and it has been nice to see the comp’s efficiency come back and it's registration levels return to the 400+ level.

After all the score sheets were tallied and refreshing my browser countless times, the results of the competition were posted.  For me, my goal in any comp is simply just not to get skunked, so it was very humbling to be awarded several medals.  Two of my beers that placed, in fact, have been described in one or more posts here on Lug Wrenchand I though it would be fun to point out where they have been referenced.

  • The Belgian Golden Strong (“Eagles Nest Revisited”) was original recipe I tried to shrink down when I posted about my attempts to create a sessionable Belgian Pale Ale with the same flavor profile.  The Golden Strong recieved a bronze medal, while the Belgian Pale Ale, which was entered, did not place in its category.  
  • The German Pilsner ("Congdon Hill Pils") was recently posted about when a local brewpub brewer saved my brewday by donating a growler full of lager yeast after my yeast starter failed.  The Pils ended up winning the Pilsner category and then went on to recieve an honorable mention in the Best of Show round - a feat that is a personal best for me.
I would be remiss if I did not mention that my local homebrew club (RIFT) made me incredibly proud when the brought it strong in the competition.  The club scored 13 medals across all categories, which was only topped by the hosting club, the Boston Wort Processors.  An special congratulations to Tom Auer for winning Best of Show: Cider honors - 'atta boy Tom!
The scoresheets are scheduled to be shipped out sometime next weekend, which to me, is the real prize of any competition.
"I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me."
-Winston Churchill


  1. Thanks, especially to Jeff for pushing some of the winners to enter the competition and represent RIFT. Hopefully it will be less work for the OSHC.

  2. Looking foward to the Ocean State Homebrewing Comp as well!



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