Monday, August 8, 2011

Poll: Brewing Ingredients From Farmers Markets?

Like all our prior blog polls, this post takes a moment to memorialize the results we recieved on the most recent blog poll.  The reader's responses to the question "How often have you bought brewing ingredients from a local farmers market?" are presented below.

Total Votes: 13

I was a bit stunned when these results began coming in.  Farmers markets are thriving these days and people can buy many interesting and curious items at the stalls and stands the line these markets.  During the late summer, such as this, fruits and vegtables of all types are starting to show up (at least here in New England), which creates an even larger bounty of opportunity for brewing. 

Even with that all said, I'll admit that I am one of the 'Never' voters as well.  I'm not sure why, but I have yet to cross my farmers-marketing (if that's a word) with my brewing like so many other voters.  Maybe I don't associate the two.  Maybe processing raw ingredients into brewing ingredients is just enough additional work that I just shrug my shoulders.  I really don't know.

While I resort to the latter, I really do believe in the former.  I would challenge any brewer to think about it the next time they are wandering the rows and aisles - what flavors could I use in my beer/mead/cider that can be found at this particular local market?  Who knows what will come out of it.

Let us know what you think!  And if you are reading this, our next poll is up awaiting your participation.


-Homer Simpson

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