Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alpha Acid Ranges by Hop Variety (Hop Union)

After the Style Profile Charts and Yeast Charts we've featured in the past, I was searching for another topic to explore for the next series of charts.  The Hop Union's Hop Variety Data Booklet provided the perfect data set for the next topic: Hops.  Which varieties would be best for a high IBU brew?  Which varieties will produce the smoothest bitterness?

The first comparative hop chart in the series is the Alpha Acid Ranges by Hop Variety, which is presented below.  Alpha acid is a staple for every brewer in determining the bitterness imparted in a beer.  Click on the thumbnail to get a higher resolution image of the chart.  The other hop charts in the series will be added in subsequent posts.

In addition to the above, check out the other Hop Variety chart(s) previously posted:
If you would like a high resolution PDF of this or any of the other charts, just shoot me an email.  I'm more than happy to share.



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