Monday, March 7, 2011

Taplister - User Provided On Tap Information

I have discovered a new social media site that applies to beer - Taplister.  Taplister is a free application that provides information about what is on tap at different locations in a given city (called "Taplists").  The application is run on a database of user-supplied information, much like Wikipedia, so the data is only as accurate as the user community that supports it.  Taplister users can provide information to the database in one of three ways:

  • Utilizing the Taplister app for iPhone:  The Taplister iPhone app communicates directly with the Taplister database on the server and provides real-time updates to tap information.  The app uses text completion from the beer name database on RateBeer to save the user time.  It also links to the RateBeer database for the beer’s rating, alcohol by volume (ABV), style, and description.
  • Through the Taplister Site:  The Taplister site allows users to browse and edit Taplists using the navigation bar and the Live Beer Search function.
  • Using codes in Twitter:  Taplister can register Twitter accounts and then scrape information out of individual tweets to update its database.  To do this, the user provides an "at" symbol with the code for the bar and the hashtag that matches the city (example: #ontapcho for Charlottesville).

There are currently 45 cities registered with Taplister in 21 states and Canada.  Take a look and see if your city is there and start utilizing this free service.



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