Monday, March 21, 2011

Poll: Online Communities

Similar to what has been done for all our prior blog polls, this post takes a moment to memorialize the results we received on our most recent blog poll.  The readers responses to the question "Which online homebrewing community do you utilize the most?" are presented below.

Total Votes: 25

This month's poll most certainly ended up in a run-away win for the Homebrew Talk (HBT) forum - all the other options were left behind in the dust.  HBT is a vast resource of information for sure, with answers to just about any homebrew related question a reader might want (although navigating through the mass of opinions/comments can be challenging).  Just for kicks, type in three random words into the HBT search engine and I've always been amazed what turns up.

Lastly, as is the case in ever poll where we have the catch-all 'Other' category, I really want to know what those votes would have been.  If only the poll could be setup with a 'Write-In' block instead of just a generic 'Other' category...

Let us know your thoughts either as a comment or an email.  And if you are reading this, we've put up our next poll which awaits your response.



"Good beer is the basis of true temperance."
-The Daily Express, 1919

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