Monday, February 14, 2011

Beer Comic - Beef 'N Beer

I first hear of Hop Talk on the BeerSmith podcast, where Brad Smith interviewed the blog's founders, Ron and Al.  In some ways, Hop Talk is similar to the Lug Wrench Brewing Company blog, in that two people are sharing a common interest and passion for beer.  While Hop Talk is focused more on craft beer than homebrewing, and their site is more established, I was intrigued by the similarities.  On exploring Hop Talk further, I discovered they also feature a comic called Beef 'N Beer - a cartoon about brewing.  Read that again, a comic about brewing craft beer.  Fantastic!

Beef 'N Beer is the work of Matt Amaral, a cartoonist from San Francisco.  The comic follows the story of Matty, who is based loosely on the author, and his friend Berger, a genetically modified bull, as they they pursue their passion - beer.  Matty is surrounded by several other characters, including his wife Alisa, a homebrewer, their daughter, Lilliana, and a mysterious beer guru named Brewmaster Bob.  The characters are interesting and funny and definitely worth looking into.

Here are a few of my favorite comics:


Thanks for the laughs, Matt and Hop Talk!




  1. I'm glad you like it. We were lucky to grab Matt when we did.

  2. His comics make me chuckle every time. I am glad that you were able to push his art work to a larger audience.


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