Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tracking Cask Ales with Google Maps

While I first saw this over at Yours for Good Fermentables, the real credit needs to go to Alex Hall.  Alex has been keeping a Running Database of all the places in North America where a thirsty traveler can get their hands on a pint of real Cask-Conditioned Ale.  Recently, that database has been outfitted on Google Maps as a format that can be easily shared.  Very cool.

I took the liberty of embedding Alex's map below as a way to spread the useful resource to all those who happen to read this blog.  Take a moment and check out your local scene - are there establishments serving Real Ale in your neighborhood?  Even better, if you know of a bar/pub serving cask ale that is not on the map, please contact Alex and share the information.

Support Real Ale - thank thank the establishments serving cask-conditioned beer for by ordering a few pints and keeping the tradition alive.



"In the US and Canada, cask-conditioned beer does survive - but only in certain bars renowned for serving top quality and unusual beers from domestic and foreign 'micro' breweries."
-Alex Hall

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