Thursday, June 3, 2010

Announcing Session #41: Craft Beers Inspired by Homebrewing

Welcome to The Session – a collaboration of bloggers writing on a common beer-related topic. Co-moderated by Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer and Jay Brooks at the Brookston Beer Bulletin, the Session takes place on the first Friday of each month. You can read more about Beer Blogging Friday (“The Session”) over at the Brookston Beer Bulletin.

While we are thrilled at the opportunity to host the 41st “Session” and enamored at the number of participants each month, we approached the act of selecting an appropriate topic with some trepidation. To us, the topic needs to be specific enough to give direction and inspiration, but not be overly constraining. It needed to be focused, but also general.  Demanding, yet welcoming.

As demonstrated in prior Sessions, topics typically come from the host's area of passion – something they have a strong affinity towards. For Tom and I, the real pathway in our appreciation of Craft Beer has been through the hobby of homebrewing. Not only has this hobby fostered yet another reason for two geographically-separated brothers to collaborate (the core concept for the Lug Wrench blog being “a fraternal bond over beer”), it was through homebrewing where we learned what makes a marginal beer and what makes an exceptional beer.  It was the lauching pad for how we came to admire (and sometimes fanaticize) about "good" beer.  So during our discussions of potential topics, the debate kept coming back to homebrewing and how craft beer is connected to the amateur brewing community.

In the end, it wasn't until we got a little friendly nudging by Stan and Jay that our topic for the 41st Session coalesced.  The chosen topic: Craft Beers Inspired By Homebrewing. How has homebrewing had an affect on the commercial beer we have all come to love?  Feel free to take the topic in any direction your imagination leads you.

Write about a beer that has its roots in homebrewing.  Write about a commercial beer that originated from a homebrew.

Write about a professional brewer you admire who got their start in homebrewing before they went pro. Write about a professional brewer who still homebrews in their free time.

Write about a Pro-Am beer tasted either at a festival or a brewpub. Write about an Amateur / Professional Co-op you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing (such as The Green Dragon Project).

Write about commercial brewers using “Homebrewing” as part of the marketing. Write about the Sam Adams LongShot beers, whether good or bad.

Write in the first person. Write in the third person. Have someone else write it for you.

Just write about it.

And on July 2nd, share your contribution with us (either as a comment to this announcement or to our post on that day).  If you don't have a regular blog, no problem - email your story to us and we'll be happy to post it for you.  Then after the first Friday in July has passed, we’ll round up all the contributions, add a little commentary, and post the collection for everyone to enjoy.

Don't just be a passive reader - be a contributor.

Lastly, a quick thanks goes out to Stan Hieronymus and Jay Brooks for organizing, instigating, and directing the Session for the past 3+ years.  Your guidance and perseverance are appreciated more than you probably know.


-The Wallace Brothers

"May your glass be ever full. May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead."
-Old Irish Toast


  1. Here is my contribution to July's session:



  2. Here's my (early) contribution to the Session:

    Thanks for hosting!


  3. My post is up here. Thanks for hosting!

  4. My blog is up at now, thanks for hosting and for an interesting topic.

  5. I'm in. My post is here. Cheers to the host.

  6. My post is up:

    Thanks for hosting, good luck, and take care.


  7. About a recipe that's proved popular:

    Happy 4th - Stan

  8. Thanks for hosting and great topic.


  10. Here is my contribution. Thanks for hosting.

  11. Here's my entry:

    Thanks for running this month's edition!

  12. Here is my submission:

    Sorry if I am double posting. Having some web issues.

  13. It's a day late, but here's my submission. Thank you for hosting. Your topic brought back some personal memories.

  14. Here's mine, I was without my laptop for a couple of days dealing with a family issue at my in-laws, so was just able to finish it.

    Thanks again for hosting,



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