Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brewing TV Drinking Game

Several members of Northern Brewer put together a side project called Brewing TV a few years ago.  The general idea of the project is to document the culture and people surrounding homebrewing and the larger craft brewing movement.  Chip, Jake, and Dawson interview the people and businesses that define the craft and seek to discover what motivates them and how their inspiration can be translated to the rest of us.  Brewing TV episodes come out every two weeks and are well put together and entertaining.  If you have not seen them yet, I suggest you check them out.

Brewing TV's 64th episode introduced a new and very novel concept - a drinking game.  The crew traveled to Manhattan, Kansas to visit Tallgrass Brewing Company.  Tallgrass is the product of owner Jeff Gill's homebrew passion and has developed some very interesting branding.  My favorite branding is their 8-Bit Pale Ale, who's logo and back story surrounds the old 8-bit arcade games of my youth (the Brewing TV episode has great coverage of this).  The video portion provides some other interesting facts about the brewery, including that they named their fermenters after famous American Gladiators.

But, at the very beginning of the episode, Jake and Dawson introduce the Tallgrass drinking game.  Tallgrass's head brewer, Andrew Hood, is from California and still uses a substantial amount of lingo from the area.  His favorite word is "critical" and he uses it with great abandon.  The drinking game is simply to take a drink every time someone says "critical," which happens often (more than 20 times by my count).  This game was completely unexpected and I literally burst out laughing when they introduced it.

I recommend watching the Tallgrass episode and participating in the game.  It will put a smile on your face and is more fun and informative than playing beer pong.



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