Monday, May 21, 2012

Opening a Beer Bottle - Do Not Try at Home

Life has been very busy of late, so I have not had much time to write about beer and homebrew for Lug Wrench.  But I saw a post of this YouTube video on Hop Talk tonight and I was intrigued.  What other innovative mechanisms have humans developed to access the insides of a sealed beer bottle (I also needed a laugh after a long day at work)?  So, I typed "beer bottle opening" in a YouTube search and was entertained.  I decided I had to share my favorites with the Lug Wrench audience.

Chainsaw used to open beer.  The chainsaw operator has a very steady hand, but I would not recommend this method for serving any special or aged beer samples.

As the title exclaims, this has to be the most expensive beer bottle opener in the world, and one that takes incredible hand-eye coordination.  But, if you have a helicopter and some duct tape, you are all set.

Interesting cultural message here, if you believe what they state - Scandinavians are supposedly taught this trick to open a beer bottle at a young age.  Innovative and does not waste beer like you might think when you first watch him setting it up.

Warning from your dentist - do not try to break this record.  Pretty please.

Piece of paper used to open a beer bottle.  You are much more likely to have one of these handy than a chainsaw, helicopter, other beer bottle, or be willing to pay your dentist a fortune.  Thus, more useful.

What are your favorite beer-related YouTube videos?  Feel free to leave a comment and a link.



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