Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Session #44: Frankenstein Beer Costumes

Welcome to The Session – a collaboration of bloggers writing on a common beer-related topic.  For the month of October, Ashley Routson a.k.a. The Beer Wench chose "Frankenstein Beers" as the collective topic to explore.  A round-up of all the blog posts will be posted in the near future.  You can read more about Beer Blogging Friday (“The Session”) over at the Brookston Beer Bulletin.

One of the best attributes of posts for The Session is that they can range all over the map.  Some posts follow common themes and can be grouped well with other posters, while others venture into areas that can only be labeled "off topic."  This month's host, The Beer Wench stated "there are no rules about how to write this topic . . ."  I intend to take her at her word.

One of the most fascinating things about Halloween is how inventive people can become when designing their costumes.  The tradition of dressing in costume on Halloween dates back to the Middle Ages, possibly from the practice of "souling," where the poor would go door to door on Hallowmas (November 1) and receive food in returns for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day (November 2).  Dressing in costume, and arguably the entire Halloween holiday, has become commercialized in modern times.  This has resulted in costume inspiration coming from a variety of commercial products, including the Lug Wrench favorite - beer.

In this mode of thought, I decided to link beer related costumes with this month's Session topic of Frankenstein Beers.  Below are several of the more humorous and surprising costumes I could find on the web, along with brief commentary one each.

Beer Man and Beer Woman - Who could resist wearing a beer-inspired super hero outfit, especially with a utility belt that can hold canned craft brew?

Beer Pong Table - It is easy to be the hit of any party when you bring this popular game "to life."

Flying Dog Six-Pack - It is truly creative to go out as a variety six-pack of your favorite craft beer with your closest friends.  I would imagine the six-pack holder for these people was an exercise in invasion of personal space.

Coors Light Gladiator - Speaking of homemade, this defender of the American light lager is ready to battle, all for the low price of - FREE.

Human Breathalyzer - Beer related - yes.  Inappropriate - YES!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this journey into a world tangentially related to beer.  If you have seen your own humorous or horrendous beer-related costumes, be sure to leave a comment and tell us about it.




  1. Love your interpretation of the theme! Great contribution! THANKS!


    The Wench

  2. Haha I can't stop laughing, Super cute and cool! I like the beerman and the beerwoman!

  3. It is amazing what people will think of. Maybe you can get some creative ideas for this coming October 31st. Thanks for posting a comment.


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