Friday, February 19, 2010

Beer Blogger Brewoff – Cool Concept

Erik Myer over at Top Fermented recently posted about a Beer Blogger Brewoff he and several other bloggers started back in December. Simply put, the nine beer bloggers all brewed the same stout recipe, with each blogger being able to alter a single element of the recipe to make it unique to them.

Upon completion, everyone ships their beer to one another and a virtual tasting/evaluation via conference call is planned occur where all the bloggers get the chance to discuss the beers and the process.  Furthermore, the conference call will be recorded and posted as a podcast for anyone who is interested.

This is what I love about beer, blogging, and the intersection of the two: creativity, collaboration, and camaraderie. Good on Peter at Simply Beer for conceptualizing the event – don’t let this just be a one-off experience!



“The brewery is the best drug store.”
- German proverb

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